Elf Ranger Cleric



Loki level 7 Ranger multi-class Cleric. Elf Medium 94 Male 6’2” 180 lbs. Unaligned Sehanine OROK

Init Bonus +8 ; Movement 7 Str 16 ; Con 12 ; Dex 20 ; Int 12 ; Wis 18 ; Cha 7 AC 23 ; Fort 18 ; Ref 20 ; Will 18 Max HP 59 ; Surge Value 14 ; Surges/Day 7 +1 Poisoned Great Bow, +2 Vicious Scimitar, +2 Vicious Longsword

Oh yeah. 100% Badass


Early Life

Born in a small village in Celeb Taure, Son of Kethuhar and Sitria. The village worshiped Sehanine, goddess of nature. During the early years of his childhood, there was often conflicts between nearby towns due to religious differences. Loki lost his parents when a nearby village raided his town. Barely escaping with his life, Loki grew up with only the woods as his shelter and the nature spirit as his guide. In his struggles to live off the land, Loki learned much of nature, perception, stealth and hunting.


Once grown, Loki traveled into nearby villages to trade goods procured from his skills in the woods for other goods. During one visit, Loki fell in love with a human villager. Some time later, Loki was wed to this human and had a child. During the.. to be continued.


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