Isithear Campaign Setting

Diplomatic Actions in Redmonath

You came home to Redmonath to find the town in a near civil war. Negotiations needed to be made between the noble houses of Hammerson and Sturnguard unless one house would leave Redmonath and cripple the town forever.

Along your investigations, you managed to uncover the truth behind all of Quincy Sturnguards’s accusations and clear his name. Some of these investigations included finding a merchant who sold Quincy’s family dagger to a rogue named “Jormin the Knife,” who specializes in “making rumors,” since nothing ever sticks to him. You chose to forget that detail when you explained to Captain Millsack that it couldn’t be Quincy Sturnguard who killed that drifter. Quincy is now free to walk the streets of Redmonath again and drop his pseudo-name, “Quinn Lee Carlson.”

You met with Ser Joffrey Hammerson, “The Eastern Wall,” who was actually the complete opposite of his father. He owns the brewery at the price of forgoing his inheritance due to his father believing it would be a waste of money. He told you the story of his good dwarven friend, Ugmer Stonecrest. He also told the story of how the King came all the way across the country to knight him for his deeds, though he felt that every man at that battle deserved just the same. He offered to pay for the repairs to the Warrens district and the sewers (which is partially your fault for killing the Otyugh that ate the sewage). As a show of good faith, he gave Hairy Toes Ugmer’s magical statue, the Brimstone Boar. Your negotiations didn’t hold up compared to Sturnguard’s delegate, Basil Thurman, and Jurgil Hammerson has to pay to fix the Warrens from his own coffers.

With two demands ruled in favor for House Sturnguard, you had little choice but argue the last few demands for House Hammerson. Although you consider Captain Millsack a personal friend and a good man, you had to throw him to the wolves and argue that he should be fired. As a result, you hired him on as your security guard at your farmhouse while you are away adventuring for a fee of 5 silver a month, plus he can occasionally come on adventures with you and share in your loot as a bonus to his salary.

The last demand you argued for and won was that the smiths and brewery (and other businesses owned by Hammerson) receive a discount for purchases of materials from the merchants (owned by Sturnguard). This evened the demands met for each house, which pleased Hammerson’s emissary, Telissa Strongoak.

The main point of these delegations was whether or not to keep slavery. You were able to convince Duke Dreywith to abolish slavery, which earned you a 30% discount on ALL items that you purchase in Redmonath.

With enough demands met for each side, neither house will be moving from Redmonath. The town was saved thanks to your investigative and diplomatic prowess.



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