Isithear Campaign Setting

Castlewtowne: Melee & Archery Tournament

Petyr Goldmane won the melee and Stephan Straightarrow won the archery contest; and the overall champion was Petyr Goldmane. During the tournament’s closing ceremonies, an archer shot Prince Damian with an arrow threw his neck and killed him. Some Kingsguard took the King and his herald back to the castle. You killed a bunch of the traitors, then went to the castle and discovered the real herald dead in his room. You then fought the Kingsguard who are actually trying to assassinate the King as well.

We ended the session with you in the King’s chambers where he was tied to a chair and had his throat slit. Gustain Elkhart is standing there with Seymore, the Astral Cayman. He gave you a chance to run away with your lives and you’ve chosen to stay and finish the fight. Will all of you survive the next fight? Probably not… Who wants to make a defender? :)

Just to add to that, you short rested to spend surges and regain encounter powers, but some of you spent your daily’s and those will not be available in the next battle.



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