Isithear Campaign Setting

Castletowne: Jousting Tournament

We started with a battle with bandits that earned you 3 magic items and some mundane goods to sell. Ser Joffrey asked the king a favor which allowed all of you to enter in the melee event (with your MELEE powers from your power sources), and be allowed to use crossbows in the archery contest. Loki was a successful bookie during the jousting tournament, earning something like 1140 gold in all.

The outcome of the joust went:
1st – Prince Damian Andurion, “The Imperium’s Rose”
2nd – Ser Joffrey Hammerson, “The Eastern Wall”
3rd – Ser William Starblood, “The Dragon Knight”

Hairy Toes rode Porkchop against Ser William in the first round and was unhorsed on the first lance. Good try though. Arthur was herald to three of the eight jousters today (and found a way to drop “OROK” into all his heralding). You also discovered the best place to procure a ride on a ship is either the Dockmaster’s office or find a captain in one of the taverns near the docks.



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