Isithear Campaign Setting

Castlewtowne: Melee & Archery Tournament

Petyr Goldmane won the melee and Stephan Straightarrow won the archery contest; and the overall champion was Petyr Goldmane. During the tournament’s closing ceremonies, an archer shot Prince Damian with an arrow threw his neck and killed him. Some Kingsguard took the King and his herald back to the castle. You killed a bunch of the traitors, then went to the castle and discovered the real herald dead in his room. You then fought the Kingsguard who are actually trying to assassinate the King as well.

We ended the session with you in the King’s chambers where he was tied to a chair and had his throat slit. Gustain Elkhart is standing there with Seymore, the Astral Cayman. He gave you a chance to run away with your lives and you’ve chosen to stay and finish the fight. Will all of you survive the next fight? Probably not… Who wants to make a defender? :)

Just to add to that, you short rested to spend surges and regain encounter powers, but some of you spent your daily’s and those will not be available in the next battle.

Castletowne: Jousting Tournament

We started with a battle with bandits that earned you 3 magic items and some mundane goods to sell. Ser Joffrey asked the king a favor which allowed all of you to enter in the melee event (with your MELEE powers from your power sources), and be allowed to use crossbows in the archery contest. Loki was a successful bookie during the jousting tournament, earning something like 1140 gold in all.

The outcome of the joust went:
1st – Prince Damian Andurion, “The Imperium’s Rose”
2nd – Ser Joffrey Hammerson, “The Eastern Wall”
3rd – Ser William Starblood, “The Dragon Knight”

Hairy Toes rode Porkchop against Ser William in the first round and was unhorsed on the first lance. Good try though. Arthur was herald to three of the eight jousters today (and found a way to drop “OROK” into all his heralding). You also discovered the best place to procure a ride on a ship is either the Dockmaster’s office or find a captain in one of the taverns near the docks.

Diplomatic Actions in Redmonath

You came home to Redmonath to find the town in a near civil war. Negotiations needed to be made between the noble houses of Hammerson and Sturnguard unless one house would leave Redmonath and cripple the town forever.

Along your investigations, you managed to uncover the truth behind all of Quincy Sturnguards’s accusations and clear his name. Some of these investigations included finding a merchant who sold Quincy’s family dagger to a rogue named “Jormin the Knife,” who specializes in “making rumors,” since nothing ever sticks to him. You chose to forget that detail when you explained to Captain Millsack that it couldn’t be Quincy Sturnguard who killed that drifter. Quincy is now free to walk the streets of Redmonath again and drop his pseudo-name, “Quinn Lee Carlson.”

You met with Ser Joffrey Hammerson, “The Eastern Wall,” who was actually the complete opposite of his father. He owns the brewery at the price of forgoing his inheritance due to his father believing it would be a waste of money. He told you the story of his good dwarven friend, Ugmer Stonecrest. He also told the story of how the King came all the way across the country to knight him for his deeds, though he felt that every man at that battle deserved just the same. He offered to pay for the repairs to the Warrens district and the sewers (which is partially your fault for killing the Otyugh that ate the sewage). As a show of good faith, he gave Hairy Toes Ugmer’s magical statue, the Brimstone Boar. Your negotiations didn’t hold up compared to Sturnguard’s delegate, Basil Thurman, and Jurgil Hammerson has to pay to fix the Warrens from his own coffers.

With two demands ruled in favor for House Sturnguard, you had little choice but argue the last few demands for House Hammerson. Although you consider Captain Millsack a personal friend and a good man, you had to throw him to the wolves and argue that he should be fired. As a result, you hired him on as your security guard at your farmhouse while you are away adventuring for a fee of 5 silver a month, plus he can occasionally come on adventures with you and share in your loot as a bonus to his salary.

The last demand you argued for and won was that the smiths and brewery (and other businesses owned by Hammerson) receive a discount for purchases of materials from the merchants (owned by Sturnguard). This evened the demands met for each house, which pleased Hammerson’s emissary, Telissa Strongoak.

The main point of these delegations was whether or not to keep slavery. You were able to convince Duke Dreywith to abolish slavery, which earned you a 30% discount on ALL items that you purchase in Redmonath.

With enough demands met for each side, neither house will be moving from Redmonath. The town was saved thanks to your investigative and diplomatic prowess.

Yuler Markets

You went to the markets of Yuler and found Father Theeryoung preaching/selling bibles and healing potions. Later you found him in his carriage with his entourage. Initially any attempts at diplomacy failed, misserably, and “50th level beggars” (aka paragon level rogues) smote the fat elf in the back of the head for pulling a sword on Father Theeryoung.

Some friendly questions and a bit of diplomacy on Faryn’s part earned you 3 scrolls of Raise Dead, 2 Healing Potions, and a map to Darphino’s laboratory in the Northlands.

Weilzer & Sir Chuck's Father

You go to Weilzer and play a drinking game with Thorfin Stonejaw, the dwarf that owns The Bearded One, a bar modeled after a temple to Hanseath (an old dwarven god). No one can keep up with Thorfin and everyone got sick/passed out.

The next morning you find a note that explains that Thorfin had served as a Kingsguard with Sir Charles’ father, Sir Charles of Norris, Sr. He saved his life during an attempted assassination. Whoever responsible for it must be the ones who sent the assassin’s to Sir Chuck’s house and killed his entire family. They wore garments in the style of Ephaosian fashion.

Sir Charles left that same morning to get back to Redmonath, collect his things, purchase a horse, and head to the east towards Ephaos. Zeddicus caught up with him so Sir Charles wouldn’t make this journey alone. They ride off together towards Ephaos. Will you ever see them again?

Telron Institute, Part 2, & Inogomi

At the school, the party finally tracked down Prof. Montellegro. He was actually a spell weaver that was trying to take control of the Headmistress, Rita Belwinth, and steal all the arcane secrets in the school. You weren’t able to save Montellegro, but you did save the Headmistress.

You noticed a log in her journal mentioning Darphino, which you discovered that he applied for a position at the school and that he had dealings with Father Theeryoung, who is currently in Yuler.

After resting, you set out for Inogomi where you were unsurprised that you were caught in a bar brawl. One backstory came up, patrons were knocked out cold, the bar owner’s wolf died, properties including a table and chairs were destroyed (did anyone pay for that?), and finally the city guard came in full force and everyone spent a night in jail. Lessons learned? Probably not. :)

The Telron Institute of Spellcraft & Arts, Part 1

Before returning to Redmonath, The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd decided it was long overdue to find a new hero that would be as worthy to wear at as Sir Charles. It left behind residuum and +2 scale armor for the paladin.

The party conversed with the cleric, Gillam, who was not pleased that you destroyed the Necroshard without him. He gave you payment for your efforts.

The Duke is honoring his offered reward for the farmhouse that was to be yours but was burnt down. A house will be built in its stead, with many conveniences installed for you. He also charged you with another task, to deliver the son of a city guard safely to The Telron Institute of Spellcraft & Arts.

Only five of you (Loki, Adran, Hairy Toes, Arthur, and Sir Charles) are partaking in this adventure. The other two, Tridden and Zeddicus, head off to Moggerhammer on a mission to find a cave where necromancers have been hiding. This mission is also a rite of passage for Zeddicus, and if they are successful, Zeddicus will earn his family’s blessing (a marking that shows his quality).

At the school, you’ve come upon a small caper starting with your observation of a student dual where tampered enchanted mannequins came to life and attacked the students. You then went to the library to find a book about the mannequins and you encountered ghosts of dead students in the staff library. You ended with battling evil trees near the Sacred Oak when asked to meet Professor Montellegro there. We stopped the adventure when you set off from the Sacred Oak to find Montellegro, and a student told you he saw him heading for the Spiral Tower.

The conclusion to our adventure, and possibly exploring the three local towns, next time.

The Desecrated Temple

A cleric in Redmonath, Gillam, has asked you to go to the desecrated temple out in the forest of Celeb Taure to retrieve the Necroshard and return it to him at the Church of Erathis.

You fought off many hordes of undead that flooded into the temple that evening. Death knocked upon a couple doors. But you ultimately found a way to reconsecrate the temple, destroy the Necroshard, and stay alive throughout the evening.

Gillam owes you payment, but without returning the Necroshard as you requested, will you receive any???

The Farmhouse
You had many short adventures along the way through Celeb Taure to get to the farmhouse. A short list would be:
  • Saved the small elven village, Smearswallow, from a band of gnoll raiders.
  • Fought poached owlbears for a halfing merchart on his way to Dree. Adran saved the cub and has brought him along as his sidekick.
  • Drank and played a game of Wizards! with a satyr for a magic item. After he lost, he and his hidden friends attacked the camp.
  • Killed orcs and ogres trying to save a small village from burning.

Arriving at the farmhouse, you fought your way past the guards (and ram) in the barn. Then fought the guards on the first floor and in the basement. As you fought in the basement, the place was set on fire by someone outside. You had to make a quick escape out of a tunnel that lead you just past the fence line of the farm. Gustain Elkhart was not there.

Darphino's Foil

Our second adventure lead you to the city of Redmonath in the Great River Imperium. You battled undead all the way from the city gates to Castle Dreywith.

You found survivors in two encampments in the sewers. Also in the sewers, you battled assassins, including the notorious Gustain Elkhart. This is where you met Quincy Lee Sturnguard, son of Carl Sturnguard.

In the castle, the most important piece of information you found was a note from Darphino to Duke Dreywith saying the weapon was ready. You also found a declaration of war.

You eventually went into Darphino’s extra-dimensional plane that was his tower. From there you found a portal to his secret laboratories in the castle basement where he’d been experimenting on prisoners and slaves provided by Jurgil Hammerson. You also found the ritual to undo his experiments that turned the living into pseudo-undead.

From there, you fell into his trap and were transported to another extra-dimensional plane where Darphino had summoned many demonic minions. You fought through the tricks, traps, and trials within the citadel. The end brought you to a mote where you fought the balor, Nysinarad. You also had a brief encounter with Krusk, a tortured soul that Nysinarad had broken repeatedly and kept chained to his floating throne.

After fighting the great demon, you took a piece of the Rod of Seven Parts (which was being used as a focus to keep the extra-dimensional plane open and trapping Nysinarad there with little power) and exited through a portal Nysinarad had created so that you could escape, but imploding the plane and sending the balor back to the Abyss.

You then chased Darphino from the throne room into another extra-dimensional plane that led to a great hall where you had your final battle. You killed him, destroyed his staff (which held a second piece to the Rod of Seven Parts), and exited through the portal before that plane could collapse as well (it seems luck was on your side that day).

You finally discovered that Duke Dreywith had been under a spell that dominated his mind for years. Everything that the townsfolk were unhappy about was not of his doing, but of Darphino’s.


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